DNR x Smart Care Protecionspray


The DNR x Smart Care Protection Spray has a water and dirt-repellent effect for both leather and textile products. Your leather item is protected against water and dirt. Applying the DNR x Smart Care Protection Spray creates a breathable protective layer against water and dirt. This makes it easy to remove any dirt and/or water droplets from the surface.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry from the product to be protected.
Hold the bottle about 25 cm from the item and spray over the item.
let it dry for 24 hours. If it rains frequently, repeat the treatment regularly.

The benefits of the DNR x Smart Care Protection Spray are:

Not harmful to people and nature.
Natural atomizer: so no dangerous pressurized canister.
Protect your leather product against water and dirt in a natural way.
Breathable protective layer so that the leather retains its natural character.
The bottle is made from recyclable materials, which does not harm the environment.

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