Dirt on your leather item?

Leather lasts a long time, luckily! But that also means that you have to remove dirt from time to time to extend the lifetime of your leather item.

Donders 1860 is happy to give you some tips for cleaning your leather garment. Please note: following these tips is entirely at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for the results.

Small spots?
Fortunately, you can also remove smaller stains yourself. Do not use the same cleaning product that you use for other clothing. Read on below for our tips!

(Dried) raindrops/light spots
Dried raindrops and other light spots are best treated with a fine soft brush or with dry foam made from leather soap. These spots also often disappear by rubbing the leather of the garment together.

Grease stains?
Oily edges as well as light stains can be carefully cleaned with a suede sanding stone (Smart Care velor eraser), or as the case may be suede cleaner or leather cleaner.

Got wet?
After getting wet and removing the dried raindrops, you can spray the garment again with all protector.

Stubborn stains?
In the case of stains that are difficult to clean yourself, it is best to have the leather garment cleaned only by a good leather cleaning specialist.