Leather aprons

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The sturdy 100% leather aprons from Donders 1860 are indispensable for every professional or hobbyist. Leather apron Boris & leather apron Zach have a cross closure and leather apron Logan with neck closure.

  • Leather aprons for men and women

    With a wide range of aprons you have a wide choice. In the range you will find leather aprons with various fits, beautiful colors and cool washes. The leather aprons from Donders 1860 are a one size product and fully adjustable.

    What quality are the Donders 1860 leather aprons made of?

    The unisex leather aprons from Donders 1860 are made from 100% cow or buffalo leather. Leather is a beautiful material that is processed into clothing and accessories in many types and qualities.

    How do I maintain leather unisex aprons from Donders 1860?

    The leather aprons from Donders 1860 are designed for all seasons: autumn, winter, spring or summer. Provided it is properly (pre)treated and maintained. A leather apron will last for years. But if you follow the maintenance instructions correctly, you will enjoy your valuable leather item for much longer.

    What should I pay attention to when buying a leather unisex apron?

    The leather aprons of Donders 1860 will initially fit a bit tighter around the body. After all, leather always stretches slightly and will then mold perfectly to your body.