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  • Donders has been writing history in coats since 1860. As fashion evolved, so did we. Now more than 150 years later and 2500 points of sale further, we feel it is time to profile ourselves. Our refined items protect you from wind and weather and give you unlimited freedom and self-confidence. With respect for people and nature, new strong, warm, timeless and carefree coats see the light every season. Donders 1860: the producer of real leather jackets. Dutch designed.

    Leather Jackets for women

    Donders 1860 highly values ​​Premium Leather Jackets. With a wide range of jackets you have a wide choice. In the range you will find leather jackets with various fits, beautiful colors and cool washes. From classic leather jacketsbiker jackets, leather pilot jackets to leather puffer jackets, Donders 1860 is the right place for you.

    What quality are the women’s leather jackets made of?

    The leather jackets for women from Donders 1860 are made from 100% cow, calf, pig, sheep, lamb or goat leather. Leather is a beautiful material that is processed into clothing in many types and qualities.

    When do I wear which type of women’s leather jacket?

    Donders 1860 has something for every season. Donders 1860 has leather coats suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    How do I care for women’s leather jackets from Donders 1860?

    A leather jacket protects you against the elements of the weather, if properly treated and maintained. Donders 1860 leather jackets are designed for all seasons: autumn, winter, spring or summer. A leather jacket will last for years. But if you follow the care instructions correctly, you will enjoy your valuable piece of clothing for much longer.

    What should I pay attention to when buying a leather jacket for women?

    The leather jackets for women from Donders 1860 will initially fit a bit tighter around the body, this is the case with all leather jackets for women. After all, leather always stretches slightly and will then mold perfectly to your body. View our size chart! This information will help you to make a suitable choice in your size.