Our story

Donders 1860 was born out of love for the craft. More than 160 years ago, the letter H.F. Donders on the facade of a building in Bakkerstraat (Arnhem – The Netherlands) . This place is the foundation of our heritage. This was the base where sheets, trouser fabrics, silk ties and ready-to-wear were made. Craft in its purest form, where beautiful pieces were worked on with great dedication, passion and attention to detail. The fifth generation builds its tower on the solid foundation laid by previous generations. We changed course and focused entirely on (leather) jackets. It was also time to say goodbye to our beloved Arnhem, to be able to continue at full speed in a larger space in Duiven. Here Donders 1860 took even more shape.

We continue where others stop. Innovate and produce our products in a sustainable way. Donders 1860 is aware of the impact on nature and gives leather a second life. That makes our products sustainably crafted. Day in, day out, new strong and warm, timeless and carefree jackets are born. Sophisticated items that protect you from the elements and provide shelter when you need it. We continue to discover and seize new opportunities so that everyone benefits. You, humanity and nature. We have been around for decades, but we feel it is time to profile ourselves even further. To conquer the world. To put Donders 1860 even more on the map. To show that Donders 1860 is the producer of real leather jackets. Dutch Designed, Sustainable Made.