Sustainable leather

Sustainably Made
At Donders 1860 we work every day to improve the textile and leather processes with quality products that are produced in a fair and safe way. Production with such a minimal impact on nature. Together with our suppliers, we ensure that no damage is caused to employees and the environment.

Our clothing is part of your comfort experience as an extension of the body. Your experience is our passion. That is why we innovate and produce our products in a sustainable way, with attention to the materials. We feel responsible for you as a user and for the entire process. Our responsibility extends from the individual to our employees, suppliers, transports and even the whole of society. Donders 1860 is aware of the impact on nature and gives leather a second life. That makes our products sustainable crafted.

In the tanning process, Donders 1860 uses natural tanning techniques, such as veg-tanned (vegetable) or synthetic tanning. This way of tanning is a lot more environmentally friendly: after all, you need less water and salts. We are also making our tanning process more sustainable with olive leaves.

Also, most of our haberdashery and details are made from recyclable materials. Think of the zippers, snaps, patches, rivets & eyelets, lining, padding / fillings, coat hangers. These haberdashery and details are recyclable or biodegradable. As an example, take the patch on the sleeve that is made of beer bottle caps (see image below).

Furthermore, all production companies of Donders 1860 are checked in a sustainable way of production and self-sufficiency. Our manufacturing companies are members of the Leather Working Group, Better Cotton Initiative, Social Accountability International and Sedex.

Finally, Donders 1860 is completely self-sufficient in the field of energy. Think of charging stations, district heating and solar energy.