Leather maintenance

Leather is a real natural product, a living material that breathes and is flexible. The visible veins, pores, scars, insect bites and color differences in the skin characterize the authenticity of your garment. These are not material defects and cannot be regarded as a complaint.

Nature has left its signature here. It is important to spray the garment thoroughly with a stain and water-repellent colorless leather spray before wearing, for better protection against dirt and water, for example by means of the Smart Care Power protector/Renovation oil.

If you follow the care instructions, you will enjoy your valuable piece of clothing for a long time. Please note: following these tips is entirely at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for the results.

  • Never keep your leather garment in plastic.
  • Always use a coat-hanger.
  • A leather garment is not a raincoat.
  • Raindrops on pure aniline leather cause spots to appear on the garment. Such spots can be eliminated by mere rubbing of the skin’s surface with a soft clothesbrush.
  • Dry at chamber temperature, never in the sun or near the fire nor central heating.
  • Treat your garment again after the rain with a special all protector leather spray. It will keep your garment smooth.
  • Never use tri, benzine or acetone.
  • The colour of your leather garment can slightly come off.
  • All garments made in suède shed, when new produce, a dust which results from the shearing of the skins and for this reason you have to brush the garment and after a time all dust will disappear.
  • To remove greasy spots use an emery-stone for suède or agum-velours of Smart Care, a leather cleaner or a very fine sandpaper(400-600).
  • Only cleaning by special leather cleaning.