DNR is now Donders 1860

Driven by our heritage, we’ve always had the need for adventure, a hunger for unlimited freedom. We’ve unrelentingly searched for possibilities to explore, discover and evolve. Our commitment to excellence fuels our attention to every detail of our craftsmanship.⠀

Creating refined items to give you shelter. Protect you against the elements. Boost your confidence. We encourage the desire to discover, to long for new opportunities, new ways. With strong and warm, timeless and care-free pieces. We are driven to explore. To create. To follow our inner compass and go off the beaten track. There is always more to discover, new adventures to embark on.⠀

Being aware of our impact on nature, and the opportunities it gives us, we challenge ourselves to make the right choices and search for innovative techniques. By embracing our curiosity, we aspire to blaze a trail for others to follow. ⠀

Leave all fears behind, dive into the unknown, and keep exploring. Feel alive, amaze yourself and the world, standing on the edge of what comes next. Make memories that last a lifetime: this is your story.⠀


Donders 1860. Feeling free!
Premium Leather Fashion. Dutch Designed, Sustainable Made.