Types of leather jackets for men

A leather jacket is your best friend. A leather jacket protects you from the elements of the weather: cold winters, rain or shine. Donders 1860 leather jackets are suitable for all seasons: autumn, winter, spring or summer.

With a wide range of jackets you have a wide choice. In the range you will find leather jackets for men with various fits, beautiful colors and cool washes. From classic leather jacketsbiker jacketspilot jacketspuffer jacketsshearling jackets to shirt jackets, Donders 1860 is the right place for you.

Posted on 1 May 2023

Classic Leather Jackets

Let’s be honest. A classic leather men’s jacket is a true must-have to complete your premium leather fashion look. The leather jackets for men from Donders 1860 are made from 100% cow, calf, pig, sheep, lamb or goat leather. Leather is a beautiful material that is processed into clothing in many types and qualities. With a wide range of jackets you have a wide choice. In the range you will find a wide range of classic leather jackets.

Biker Jackets

Donders 1860 has something for every season. Donders 1860 has  leather biker jackets suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Whatever the weather, you can’t go wrong in a men’s leather biker jacket.

Leather Pilot Jackets

A pilot jacket is a casual jacket that was originally made for pilots and has eventually become part of popular culture and clothing. It has evolved into different styles and silhouettes. Donders 1860 has several leather pilot jackets in its range.

Leather Puffer Jackets

A puffer coat is a jacket that consists of several layers of down. We can also call it a coarsely padded jacket where the layers of down really stand out. Those layers are all meant to keep you nice and warm. Donders 1860 has several leather puffer jackets in its range.

Leather Bomber Jackets

A bomber jacket is a jacket of the type originally developed in the 1950s and 1960s as clothing for pilots of the United States Air Force and United States Navy. Inside, bomber jackets have a lot of padding to keep the wearer warm in the low temperatures at high altitudes. Discover the Leather Bomber Jackets from Donders 1860.

Leather Shearling Jackets

The men’s leather Shearling Coats are among the most iconic men’s coats from the Donders 1860 collection. Each Shearling Jacket is made from high quality pig or sheep leather. The outside of the Shearling Jacket owes its tough and recognizable look to the smooth leather. The inside is made of soft fleece and makes the skin a comfortable and warm jacket. Discover the Leather Shearling Jackets from Donders 1860 and experience the benefits and features of this leather jacket.

Leather Shirt Jackets

Shirt jackets were originally designed to be worn over a uniform or formal outfit for protection. This means that it has a more boxy fit, which makes it ideal to wear open. In fact, we think it’s the perfect middle ground between a jacket and a buttoned shirt, with the wearing comfort of the former and the style elements and class of the latter.

Leather Shirt Jackets are one of our popular go-to styles all year round. Comfortable, stylish and perfect for days that fluctuate in temperature.