Types of textile jackets for men

Donders has been writing history in coats since 1860. As fashion evolved, so did we. Now more than 150 years later and 2500 points of sale further, we feel it is time to profile ourselves. Our refined items protect you from wind and weather and give you unlimited freedom and self-confidence. With respect for people and nature, new strong, warm, timeless and carefree coats see the light every season.

In the Donders 1860 assortment you will find textile jackets for men with various fits, beautiful colors and cool washes.

Posted on 15 May 2023

Outdoor Jackets

Our outdoor jackets protects you against the sun, but also against the cold. The outdoor jackets are both safe and functional. Our outdoor jackets are made of polyester, polyamide, and elastane. Curious about these jackets? View our overview of outdoor jackets.


A parka has a medium length, large pockets and a spacious hood. The parka has been one of the most popular jackets for men for a few years now. With a parka coat from Donders 1860 you are always dressed warm and cool. View our parkas.

Pilot Jackets

A pilot jacket is a casual jacket that was originally made for pilots and has eventually become part of popular culture and clothing. It has evolved into different styles and silhouettes. The pilot jackets from Donders 1860 are made of leather or polyester. View all our premium pilot jackets for men here.

Puffer jackets

A puffer coat is a jacket that consists of several layers of down. We can also call it a coarsely padded jacket where the layers of down really stand out. Those layers are all meant to keep you nice and warm. The puffer jackets from Donders 1860 are made of leather or polyester. View all our premium puffer jackets for men here.

Bomber jackets

A bomber jacket is a jacket of the type originally developed in the 1950s and 1960s as clothing for pilots of the United States Air Force and United States Navy. Inside, bomber jackets have a lot of padding to keep the wearer warm in the low temperatures at high altitudes. The bomber jackets from Donders 1860 are made of leather or polyester. View all our premium bomber jackets for men here.


By wearing a overcoat you immediately look elegant. Characteristic of a overcoat is that this coat often has a button closure. A overcoat is appropriate for business occasions, but you can also wear this fashion item for informal occasions. View all our premium men’s overcoats here.

Shirt jackets

With a wide range of jackets you have a wide choice. In the Donders 1860 range you will find shirt jackets with various fits, beautiful colors and cool washes.


A bodywarmer is a jacket without sleeves. The filling of the jacket usually consists of down or a synthetic wadding. The garment protects the body against the cold and is mainly worn in the mid-season. Bodywarmers give you a lot of freedom of movement, while your torso is well protected against the wind and the cold. View all our bodywarmers for men here.